About Me

I started drawing when I was very young. There was something liberating and expressive about throwing ideas down on a piece of paper, no matter what they were. I always loved drawing flowers and nature in general, but I have delved into many different genres, from street art to comics, to still life and abstract. Whatever came into my mind I would draw or paint.

Behind each drawing, is a story. Every drawing comes from an emotion, a feeling that I express with them. 

What inspires me? Well, basically all that surrounds me. I'm always the person who imagines seeing a cloud and seeing its beauty, seeing a person and imagining where they are going, what they are doing, thinking, seeing a tree, a flower, I see their magic.

I always like to learn different techniques and then make them my own, experimenting and perfecting it, to be satisfied with the result, and then arriving to the finished drawing. In this way, I discovered digital art.

All digital art is hand drawn on a Wacom Cintiq HD Professional Drawing Tablet.

All traditional art is hand drawn by me using various methods and materials.